Students in Newark, Del. weren't the only building occupants coming back to school earlier this month. Roaming the halls of Newark High School were also some very unwelcome pests: bed bugs.

According to reports from, the school's custodial staff found two bed bugs in a classroom. According to the districts policies, the staff thoroughly cleaned the area and quickly contacted the health department.

The incident was thought to an isolated case, until the very next day when it was determined that a student had come to school with bed bugs. That student was sent home and the custodial crew was once again busy cleaning the rooms where that particular student had been. Again, the health department was contacted and parents were then notified of the situation.

According to the article, because bed bugs are nocturnal and like to feed on sleeping people, a school isn’t an ideal place for them. This is an advantage as they are less prone to spread as quickly as other environments.

The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force’s website advises those concerned about bed bugs to inspect student lunch boxes, backpacks and coats when they return home from school. Student items can be sealed in plastic containers away from beds or furniture to prevent bed bugs from getting into the home, according to the site.

The health department encouraged the district to clean the building thoroughly. Extra cleaning staff members have been called in to work during the weekend, he said.