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ABM, provider of facility solutions, has initiated an Energy Performance Contracting program for West Mifflin Area School District in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The customized solution is projected to save West Mifflin Area School District more than $9.9 million in energy and operating costs over a 15-year period, which the school system will utilize to increase security measures across the district, while providing budgetary relief. The project launched in October 2018 and is scheduled for completion in September 2019.

Energy and operational savings will be achieved by upgrading and retrofitting lighting to high-efficiency LED systems, upgrading building automation controls and installing water conservation systems at five of the school district’s six facilities. The upgrades will save West Mifflin Area School District approximately $495,000 in energy and operating costs in the first year, which will climb during the life of the program, resulting in projected savings of more than $9.9 million.

West Mifflin Area School District selected ABM’s customized solution in an effort to reduce costs, while increasing safety and security for its students and staff across the district. In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, ABM’s solution includes enhanced security systems, including captive entrances, new surveillance cameras and a BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System.

“School systems are under pressure to do more with less, while facing high expectations on student performance,” said Mark Newsome, President of ABM Technical Solutions. “ABM is proud to provide West Mifflin Area School District with a solution to revitalize its facilities’ infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve security measures. Our program will help the school district to keep its focus on academic success.”

ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program will enable the school district to make these upgrades without impacting its capital budget. The program is designed as a financial solution to meet clients' technical facility needs and sustainability goals. The goal is to drive costs out of a client's operating budget, allowing savings to be reallocated to fund mission critical facility needs. Click here for a video on how ABM is providing facility and financial solutions to school districts without upfront costs or tax increases.

As the emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based careers and skills continues to increase, ABM is working to install a STEM laboratory at West Mifflin Area Middle School. The laboratory will allow the school to provide students with hands-on STEM-based learning opportunities as the science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based job market increases.

“ABM’s customized solution for West Mifflin Area School District will allow us to provide our students and staff with a safe, secure and comfortable environment using energy and operational savings without affecting our budget,” said Dave Marshall, President of the West Mifflin Area School Board. "It’s also going to provide our students with additional STEM education opportunities, which will positively impact their educational experience.”

Highlights of the project include:

 • Upgrading security systems across West Mifflin Area School District facilities, including captive entrances, updating surveillance cameras and installing a BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System, which provides instant communication with emergency responders
 • Installing water conservation systems, including low-flow fixtures and pedal valves to control water usage
 • Adding a STEM laboratory at West Mifflin Area Middle School
 • Retrofitting lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lighting at six district facilities
 • Updating building automation control systems across West Mifflin Area School District to maximize energy and operational efficiency
 • Sealing building envelopes at six facilities