The phrase “time is money” is no more evident than in the Janitorial Sanitation Industry where project estimates are based on manpower and machines.

“We are committed to helping our customers save time,” says Jillian Hillard, Director of Brand Marketing – Small Appliances, Electrolux, “and that commitment led us to revamp our entire Sanitaire website.”

“Usability comes first,” comments Patrick Norris, Associate Product Marketing Manager. “Many industry segments have pages dedicated to them. For example, the hospitality industry is served machines and information best suited for them at Similar pages are available for healthcare, office, education, retail and professional home cleaning. Customers can see our product line in much more detail at it relates to their area of expertise.”

He adds, “We are especially excited about the new EON upright machine. It was
very well received at the ISSA show in October. To learn more about it, we have a dedicated page:”

The site itself is far easier to navigate. Customers can quickly see the product information and get facts, specs and pictures. Search is more inclusive. Type in “nozzle” and five different products are featured. Drill down by clicking on any product and the page clearly shows specifications, models it can be used with, model number, and price. Mouse over the part for a close-up. If you have more questions, live chat is available. You never go more than a couple of clicks deep to find what you need.

Parts are easy to source and can be purchased online.

“We talked with users, distributors, and industry professionals to discover what they wanted in a truly functional site,” Hillard says. “We have not only met their needs but we have expansion capacity on the site to keep it relevant for many years. Making our current products and information easily accessible through this site is just the first step. Over the coming months we have additional phases of site development in the works.”

“Sanitaire is all about saving our customers time,” Norris adds. “That means we are dedicated to productivity, performance, comfort, sound and cost of ownership. We will continue to innovate and build our brand and customer loyalty on these five pillars.”