Saalfeld Redistribution is strengthening its commitment to customers in the Midwest this fall by opening a large new facility in Chicago with expanded capabilities and service levels, particularly with foodservice disposables, packaging and janitorial products.
“With our investment in Chicago, customers in the region will have access to a broader portfolio,” said Michael Schumpp, Saalfeld’s director, sales-North.
Saalfeld will gain operational and logistics efficiencies from the move that will benefit customers throughout the Midwest. Saalfeld’s delivery fleet, enabled by a state of the art logistics planning and warehouse management system (WMS), will continue to offer flexible delivery schedules based on customer needs.
“Saalfeld will still provide excellent service to Greater Cincinnati distributors, with the additional benefit that our increased inventory will present them with new sales opportunities,” Schumpp said.
The new facility in Chicago is a first step in Saalfeld’s nationwide expansion into several major hubs strategically located throughout the U.S. The transition will take place during the next 18 months.
“This is a winning strategy for our customers,” said Brian Schuster, marketing manager, Saalfeld. “They will soon be able to leverage our expanded capabilities and service levels at these hubs to fulfill more lines on their customers’ purchase orders.”  
The Chicago site will be located at 901 Bilter Road, Aurora, Ill.