Rochester Midland Corporation announced the planned dedication of their new facility in Riverside, California to occur on June 13th at 9:30 am. Distinguished guests will include the Mayor of Riverside, Ronald O. Loveridge, Harlan Calkins, Chairman and CEO of RMC, and Glenn Paynter, President of Rochester Midland. The dedication will be followed by a tour of the new building and refreshments for guests.

RMC plans to use the new facility, located at 7275 Sycamore Canyon Blvd., to upgrade and expand their current production and warehouse/distribution capabilities on the west coast, replacing a smaller building currently in use in Ontario, California. The new facility in Riverside brings even more value to RMC’s western U.S. customer base in supporting their customers’ position within the Sustainability movement in many ways—i.e. better training for their employees, helping them to improve their profitability, improved cycle counts with a local provider of goods, and by assisting them in their efforts to improve our environment via a local source for green chemistry and water/energy reduction programs.

“While many other companies have retreated in this economy, with our new Global Headquarters in Rochester and the new building in Riverside, we are investing in the future,” said Harlan Calkins, Chairman/Office of the CEO.