Robot Designed Specifically For Hospitality Cleaning

The Maidbot robotic cleaner is not for the home or the office — it was designed specifically for the hospitality industry and commercial cleaning applications, according to an article on the Nibletz website.
The robot also was not designed with the plan to replace human workers, although it may contribute to reduced labor costs. The robot was actually designed, according to inventor David Moroniti, to change the hospitality industry.
The hospitality industry is competitive. Where there used to be just a handful of hotel brands two decades ago, today, you can travel to any city with more than 10,000 people and find a variety of hotels within every classification.
How fast rooms can be turned over can be a deciding factor for success, and cleanliness is key.
Beyond being a vacuum cleaner that can run itself, the Maidbot can generate data for cleaning managers. How fast can the room be cleaned, how dirty is this typical room over another room, how fast can the common areas be cleaned, etc. With this data, cleaning management will ave better control of the workload.
According to the article, Maidbot can free humans up to do more meaningful tasks. Without having to worry about cleaning the floors, the humans can work on more impactful and engaging work while cutting the room cleaning time down.
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