Roadnet Technologies has selected Michael McGowen as an Account Representative for its Western territory. He was formerly an Account Executive for Eyemaginations, an educational software company.

In his new position with the vehicle routing and scheduling software company, Mr. McGowen will satisfy the needs of existing, as well as identify and recruit potential new customers for fleet tracking software company Roadnet Technologies. Mr. McGowen will also assist customers throughout the technology evaluation stage.

Mr. McGowen brings more than six years of diversified experience in sales and marketing to Roadnet Technologies, a provider of software solutions to the transportation management field. His other past positions include working as an Account Executive for AFLAC Insurance and a Loan Officer for United Equity, LLC.

Mr. McGowen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from East Carolina University and presently resides in Columbia, MD.  
“We were extremely impressed with Michael’s strategic planning and communications skills, and his past experience with an educational software company makes him an excellent complement to our sales team,” stated Len Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Roadnet Technologies.