Restaurants Implement Safe Cleaning Program To Protect Kids

Chuck E. Cheese's and Peter Piper Pizza has agreed to employ Kids Play Safe's cleaning practices, according to an article on the Arizona Republic website. Kids Play Safe was founded by a Chandler, Ariz., mom, Erin Carr-Jordan, who was banned from McDonald’s after highlighting life-threatening pathogens in restaurant play areas.

Carr-Jordan recently announced the partnership between her organization and the chain restaurants.

To earn a Kids Play Safe certification, restaurants must:

• Clean the kids play area every eight-hour shift, although Chuck E. Cheese's has agreed to an hourly wipe down of play machines
• Use an eco-friendly product when cleaning throughout the business
• Maintain the safety of the equipment kids use.

Carr-Jordan said the certification provides parents “an extra level of comfort” when turning their kids loose to play.

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