Ciprus Limited, LLC, an Essex, CT-based market research and consulting firm, announced the commissioning of the 5th Edition of The North American Market for Commercial Flooring Maintenance. The market for commercial flooring maintenance continues to change with the increased use of concrete, the move to luxury vinyl tile and sheet goods not requiring burnishing. Other changes include the reduction of floor finishes and greater use of sustainable chemicals. Equipment is changing too with the use of digital machinery and linking to the internet. All of these points will have a major impact on how floors are cleaned and restored. This new research will document these changes.

Charter Subscribers will have input into the research design including the specific questions and sample plan.

The nearly year long research will consist of detailed telephone interviews with 1,400 business establishments and building service contractors in the U.S and Canada in offices, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing and transportation facilities. Interviews will be conducted with small, medium, large and very large establishments.

The study will document 50+ separate flooring maintenance activities including labor expended, as well as consumables and equipment utilized to perform maintenance in 29 application areas within the establishments. Maintenance chemicals and equipment brands will be captured as well as the decision maker, product or equipment source and the frequency and volume of usage.

Sixteen Flooring surfaces will be included in the research; carpet, carpet tile, concrete unfinished and polished, ceramic tile, laminate, linoleum sheet and tile, luxury vinyl tile, solid vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile and sheet, stone, terrazzo as well as factory and site finished wood.

The 5th Edition will provide an historical perspective on earlier research completed in 1999, 2004 and 2009, 2013 that will consist of summary color graphics, matrix tables and in-depth analysis arrayed in 12 flooring surface chapters as well a comprehensive summary and projections to the total U.S. and Canadian Markets.

The 5th Edition will also focus on 29 specific application areas including rest rooms, food service counter, dining and back of house, corridors and hallways, public assembly, offices, guest rooms, healthcare patient rooms, interventional areas, therapy, diagnostic and nursing stations as well as lobbies, recreation areas, retail showrooms and cash wraps, classrooms, auto services areas, warehouse areas, vehicle parking areas, dorm rooms, manufacturing areas and others.

Over 60 consumable product categories will be documented in this comprehensive study including, cleaners and shampoos, disinfectants and sanitizers, finishes and waxes, pads, bonnets and disks as well as strippers. In addition, 27 types of equipment will be captured and will include extractors, auto scrubbers, buffers and burnishers, power scrubbers and power sweepers, sanders, strippers and re-surfacers as well as vacuums, mops, wipes and others.

A copy of the prospectus may be viewed by visiting or upon request from the company (860) 575-9040 or E-mail