According to a BusinessWeek article, repeating information in different ways can be a very effective way to communicate your message. The article goes on to explain five communication strategies that can be effective in any area of business — whether you are selling products or services, or sell yourself and your department.

1. Listen for repeated complaints from customers, building occupants or managers. By listening to their complaints, you will know what their needs are. If they complain about a problem only once, it probably isn't that urgent. However, if they complain about it several times, that means it's truly causing them problems.

2. Repeat your benefits. After you hear the complaints, it is time to provide solutions to their problems, but you have to be able to communicate that solution in several different ways. In other words, repeat yourself. This helps them see the solution from several different angles and offers various ways to explain it to their associates in ways they will understand.

3. Repeat your prospecting calls or initial request for a meeting. Make sure your are known by your customers and superiors and make sure they know what you can offer them. Stay top-of-mind with these individuals.

4. Ask for a solution/order repeatedly. If you get a less-than-ideal response to your request, don't give up. Find out what's holding them back and try to overcome the objection or compensate for it, and ask again. Repeat the process, with variations of asking until they say yes, or give you a logical reason for a firm no.

5. Encourage repeat customers and managerial feedback. Communicate with your customers/superiors that you encourage questions, comments and repeat business. Make sure they understand that they don't have to wait for you to come to them. Follow up with them to guarantee their satisfaction with your products and services and ask if they need anything more.

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