H2Only Renewable Cleaning has announced the development of a new website to enable and model the next wave in the sustainable, green cleaning movement: Renewable Cleaning. 
Renewable Cleaning is a process rather than a technology, brand or product. It includes the prevention, removal, inactivation and/or proper disposal of contaminants, pollutants, pathogens and harmful chemical residues to restore built or indoor environments to their original or desired condition. Water is the basis and symbol of renewable cleaning because it is a universal resource which is benign, non-polluting, and renewable (i.e., can be naturally replenished), according to the company. 
“We call it Renewable Cleaning,” said Ruben Rives, principal of H2Only Renewable Cleaning, which specializes in educational facility cleaning using greener, renewable methods. “The website is designed to showcase processes and products that enable this methodology, to merge cleaning for health with green, sustainable cleaning under the banner of Renewable Cleaning.” 
The new site can be previewed at http://www.renewable-cleaning.com