, a new non-profit website created to support the renewable cleaning method, announced its support for the upcoming Clean Standard for K-12 Schools, in June.
The Renewable Cleaning site will support performance measurement using ATP device guidelines provided by ISSA’s Clean Standard, as well as the Standard’s three stated goals:
- To promote an objective way to measure cleanliness using ATP devices
- To establish targets for clean using ATP relative light unit (RLU) values
- To provide a practical protocol for the cleaning industry and schools to follow.
“Since renewable cleaning is the prevention, removal, inactivation and/or proper disposal of contaminants to restore built or indoor environments to their original or desired condition, demonstrating the removal of organic soil via ATP measurement harmonizes with our mission to make school environments ‘measurably’ cleaner and healthier,” says Ruben Rives, principal of H2Only Renewable Cleaning, a firm that specializes in cleaning charter schools “for health” nationwide.
To underscore the website's support of the clean standard, Rives, and Nancy Goodyear, assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Laboratory & Nutritional Sciences at the University of Massachusets - Lowell, will present a webinar on "Greener Sanitizing with Renewable Cleaning" — offering insights on processes that enable safer cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.