To all our friends and readers that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from the storm.

Hurricane Sandy, which hit the east coast earlier this week, caused:
• At least 55 dead along the Atlantic Coast
• More than 8.2 million people/businesses lost electricity during the storm - Roughly 2.1 million still remain without power
• Brought the New York subway to a standstill because of flooding - Reports say it will be 4-5 days before they are up and running again
• Massive flooding in 10 commuter tunnels in and around New York - stranding islanders in Manhattan
• Countless fires - one of which destroyed roughly 100 homes in one tight-knit community
• Flooding in thousands of homes across the East Coast
• Relocating the sandy beaches in New Jersey to coastal neighborhoods and destroying the historic boardwalk

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called the damage "unthinkable" and said full recovery would take months, at the very least, and it might take as long as a week to restore power to those affected.

Experts predict that the storm will end up causing about $32 billion in damages to buildings and infrastructure, and $10 to $30 billion in lost business.

After attacking the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy went on to cause severe winds in the Midwest and excessive snow in the Appalachians.