Randy Lane Joins PIC Business Systems

PIC Business Systems, Inc. (PIC) is pleased to announce that Randy Lane has joined the PIC team as National Sales Manager. Randy will represent PIC in the marketplace selling to and advising clients on ERP and WMS software solutions. Randy is a jan/san industry veteran having spent over 40 years in distribution, redistribution, manufacturing and as an independent broker rep. Having worked for Unijax/Unisource, Sweet Paper Sales, LagasseSweet and Brame Specialty Company, Randy has broad operational experience helping distribution companies implement and optimize their computer systems, maximize operational efficiency, increase fill rate and help lead the way in interactive website development.

Stan Zwinggi, president of PIC noted “We are excited to have Randy join our team. For the past several years, Randy was the project Lead while working to implement our ERP and WMS system. The suggestions and feedback received from Randy during that time allowed PIC to make some great improvements to the distribution platform.”