Ramping Up For The Start Of School

Public schools in the Canisto, New York, area are finishing a summer of increased activity before classes start in September, according to an article on The Evening Tribune website.

Facilities Director John Adams is responsible for the 228,000 square feet of classrooms, offices, hallways and gymnasiums that are the two Canisteo-Greenwood district buildings.

For Adams and his staff of 12, that means starting summer cleaning as soon as the students leave.

"We empty the hundreds of classrooms and offices, clean all of the furniture, change lights and ballast that need changing, high dust (every corner of the elementary-middle and high schools), wash every wall, wash and strip the floors, apply three coats of floor finish, clean all carpeting, completely sand and polyurethane the gym floors and clean busy school kitchens, all while coordinating around busy summer schools and kitchen staff.”

That summer work “starts hard and then escalates,” Adams said.

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