ROI Of ElectroChemically Activated Solutions

Contributed by PathoSans.

On-site generation (OSG) of ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) solutions — using softened water, salt and electricity — reduces costs and concerns regarding procurement, transportation, storage, use and disposal of conventional chemicals. The return on investment (ROI) actually comes in two forms: financial and environmental.

Financial ROI
Businesses typically buy, rent or lease OSG systems, and install them in janitorial closets near the point-of-use. While an upfront purchase can be several thousand dollars, in many cases, costs can be spread out over time to get cost-of-production well below current chemical spend.

ECA solutions average between $.05 to .07 per ready-to-use (RTU) gallon. This includes the cost of electrolytic cell replacement. This is compared to conventional cleaners dispensed from concentrate, which range from $.35 to $.50 per gal of RTU product.

As an extreme example, conventional whiteboard cleaners may cost up to $54 per gallon.

Environmental ROI
Just-in-time production is a tenet of “lean,” and on-site-based production of ECA solutions enables workers to make just what’s needed, when it’s needed. This reduces waste.

ECA units connect to standard plumbing systems to enable directly filling and refilling spray bottles, jugs, buckets and scrubbers, keeping up to 90-95 percent of conventional chemical packaging out of landfills.

“A 30 day or greater shelf life of ECA solutions also eliminates concern about loss of efficacy, and the need to refill bottles daily with fresh solution,” notes Laura Louis, lean process consultant and field advisor to PathoSans.

The best ECA cleaning solutions are Green Seal GS37 and WoolSafe Certified. According to Green Seal: “Certified products remove common soils on surfaces effectively, without undesirable side effects” including harmful environmental, health, or social impacts.

According to Louis, the surge in the growth of on-site-produced ECA solutions speaks to the financial and eco-benefits of green tech.

“We believe the market is growing because on-site production of ECA is green on four levels,” she adds. “It addresses the three ‘Ps’ ─ People, Planet, and Profit ─ and adds a fourth ─ Performance.”