RELiON Battery

Having an efficient commercial floor cleaning machine can have a big effect on the efficiency of your business and employees. Shorter periods of downtime can leave more time for effective cleaning and having the right power source can improve the performance of that machine 10 times over. RELiON lithium batteries can improve the run time of your floor cleaning machines making your business and your operators more efficient.

There are a few reasons lithium batteries provide increased runtime over lead-acid batteries. The main reason is that lithium batteries provide the full rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. With lead-acid batteries, as the rate of discharge increases, not only does the runtime decrease but the overall size of the fuel tank decreases. In a real application, the current is never constant, in fact, it varies continuously and often significantly. It is unpredictable. Therefore, with a lead-acid battery, you’re never really getting the published battery capacity, in a floor machine. With a lithium battery, the fuel tank remains the same size regardless of the state of discharge. A 200Ah battery will provide 200Ah whether it is discharged at 10A or 100A. The battery will always deliver its published capacity.

Another reason you get more runtime with lithium is the capacity degradation over the life of the battery is slow and minimal. Traditional wet lead-acid batteries typically provide around 80% capacity when brand new. They work up to their full capacity and remain there for a couple of hundred cycles and then decline over the next couple hundred cycles. AGM or Gel lead-acid batteries will provide their full capacity when brand new and steadily decline right away. Some Gel batteries will maintain their full capacity for a few hundred cycles but then rapidly decline.

RELiON lithium batteries provide full rated capacity immediately and continue to do so for about 1000 cycles, with a slow decline to 80-90% capacity between 1000 to 2000 cycles. Lithium batteries charge quickly and can be opportunely charged without damaging the battery. This can significantly extend the range of your equipment per shift.

If you want the most out of your industrial floor cleaning machine, the best way to get instant results is by switching to RELiON lithium batteries. The number of benefits you get increasingly outlast the initial upfront costs. Learn more about why lithium is the best power source at or visit us at ISSA North America in booth #4441