RELiON Battery

RELiON Battery expanded its revolutionary InSight Series™ line of lithium-ion batteries with a battery designed specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in commercial floor cleaning machines. The InSight 24-volt lithium battery solves the challenges of power, capacity, ease of use and reliability – unlike any other lithium battery.

Utilizing lithium iron phosphate chemistry, the InSight 24V is extremely efficient and provides it’s full rated capacity at any rate of discharge. This means operators will experience more hours of productivity compared to lead-acid batteries with sustained power throughout discharge and charges in half the time.

Users also benefit from the flexibility that comes with the InSight 24V battery as the battery bank can be scaled to meet the desired runtime. With lead-acid batteries, users have to the install the number of batteries to meet the voltage requirements of the equipment. RELiON’s InSight Series 24V is a 60 amp-hour lithium battery that connects in parallel vs. series to provide increased capacity as needed to keep the machine running.  For example, to get the same runtime as a 4-battery lead-acid system, users typically only need two InSight 24V batteries.

Competitive advantages of the InSight 24V Battery include:

  • Plug-and-play allowing for seamless integration into the floor machine
  • Internal heat sink preventing overheating of critical components and extending the life of the battery
  • SuperSmart BMS with intuitive software capable of calculating state of charge and state of health
  • Certified to UL2271 on the full battery pack, UL 2580 on the cells, CE, IEC and UN38.3

The company released its groundbreaking InSight Series line in 2019 with the InSight 48V battery for use in golf cars, LSVs, PTVs and utility vehicles. InSight Series batteries feature all the benefits of lithium batteries but with even more intelligent features built in. From its superior battery design to its one-of-a-kind Battery Management System (BMS) and intuitive software, InSight Series batteries offer exclusive advantages not available in competitor products. RELiON expects to release more InSight Series products later this year.

To learn more about RELiON’s InSight 24V battery, visit or visit us at ISSA North America in booth #4441.

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