R.E. Whittaker Co. has earned the Seal of Approval for its Smart Care interim maintenance system from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it meets the highest industry standards for carpet care. System approved: Smart Care TWIN PRO machine with CRYSTAL QUICK RESTORE chemistry

The CRI Seal of Approval for Interim Maintenance Systems evaluates the effectiveness of the overall interim maintenance process and includes testing of equipment and solutions used in combination. The program addresses those processes which incorporate a specific machine to be used with a specific cleaning agent following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. This latest product category joins CRI’s successful Seal of Approval testing programs already in place for vacuums, cleaning solutions, extractors and deep cleaning systems.

“We are pleased that the carpet industry is distinguishing truly effective cleaning systems from those that do not perform well or even damage carpet fibers,” said Whittaker’s product manager Joe Bshero. Tom Whittaker, the company’s president, added “Our brand commitment is to ensure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers and installers intended. The Seal of Approval program provides objective proof that our products deliver toward this commitment.”

An interim carpet cleaning system qualifies for the Seal of Approval only by passing six rigorous tests at an independent laboratory, including soil removal efficacy, no accelerated resoiling, minimal surface change after repeated cleaning, no carpet color change, appropriate pH level and zero presence of optical brighteners.

While proper carpet care requires periodic deep cleaning to remove built up residues and trapped soil,the strength of interim maintenance systems lies in their ability to make daily vacuuming more effective by removing oily soils that otherwise trap dry soils. In addition, the effective oily soil removal of Seal of Approval Interim Maintenance systems prolongs carpet’s useful life.

“Effective carpet cleaning is essential to keeping a carpet looking good,” added Whittaker. “This saves money on premature replacement and allows people to enjoy the many healthy and aesthetic benefits of their carpet.”

Underscoring the value that carpet manufacturers place on quality cleaning products, the largest manufacturers recommend the use of CRI Seal of Approval-certified cleaning products as part of their carpet warranties.