RDA Advantage Announces New Member Addition

RDA Advantage, an independent redistributor, announced The Walco Organization as its newest member.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Walco has serviced food service and sanitary maintenance distributors for forty-five years across Ohio, western Pennsylvania, southern Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Grant Walter, Vice President of Sales, commented, “Walco and its entire team looks forward to joining the RDA Advantage group and further expanding our food service and sanitary maintenance product offering to better service our customers now and in the future.”

RDA Advantage Chairman, Wayne Littlefield stated, “Walco is a great addition to the family of members of RDA Advantage and as an independent pure redistributor, Walco embodies the core values of RDA Advantage by providing local market knowledge and personalized service to their customers.”

RDA Advantage is North America’s largest group of independent food service and sanitary maintenance redistributors with multiple distribution centers across the United States and Canada. This geographic coverage gives RDA Advantage members the ability to meet the unique demands of their markets while offering personalized customer service and product knowledge specific to their business needs.