R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource has joined the Strategic Market Alliance (SMA) to expand within the Janitorial/Sanitary (Jan-San) and non-food disposable markets. R3’s product and logistical solutions are now formally available to SMA members thanks to our new partnership.

SMA is a member-owned cooperative comprised of prominent distributors in North America who provide janitorial, sanitation, and foodservice packaging products and related services. This new partnership with SMA enables R3 to redistribute Janitorial, sanitation, and non-food disposable products to a wider market and to share the R3 Factor with more customers.

“We are excited about the high potential that our new partnership offers SMA members, manufacturing suppliers and mutual customers,” says Chris Rowe, SMA Solutions.

“We are excited about our new relationship with SMA. We see the SMA members are strategic partner to our long term JanSan and paper business. We look forward to the future,” says Mike Stuckey Vice President, National Accounts.

R3 reaffirms its commitment to the Jan-San industry through this decision to partner with SMA.