Air quality monitor

Pyure Dynamic Protection is celebrating Indoor Air Quality Month, raising awareness for the Return-to-Work trend. Pyure’s proven ability to reduce indoor airborne and surface pathogens and pollutants creates a healthier and more productive environment.

Fortune Magazine reports that work-from-home rates have dropped to a pre-pandemic low of only 26 percent as employers push to get American workers back to the offices. This year, major companies nationwide, including Amazon, Apple, and Disney, have implemented mandatory return-to-work policies requiring employees to spend at least three or more days per week in the office.  

Office spaces commonly face a persistent problem of poor indoor air quality due to pathogens, chemicals, and unwanted odors. Older buildings and those in wet or humid locations must also address harmful mold in the air and other allergens. Without air purification systems, public, congested spaces, like offices, can become up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, leading to sick-building syndrome.

October also marks the start of cold and flu season. With more people spending time indoors, employers are encouraged to address any air quality issues that could result in lower productivity or increased employee sick days. In the United States, absenteeism costs employers over $225 billion annually, and the combination of return-to-work mandates with cold and flu season and rising Covid numbers dramatically increases the chance of illness and related employee stress.

While adequate outdoor air can alleviate some indoor air quality issues, this comes with problems. Outdoor pollution and wildfires mean external air is not always an improvement, and the financial and environmental cost of controlling temperature and humidity increases significantly when outdoor air flows freely into a building.

Pyure’s technology brings the natural cleansing power of the sun indoors, with clean air in controlled office environments. Pyure reduces airborne and surface pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. Pyure actively treats 100 percent of the space 24/7 for a clean, fresh office environment, empowering people to confidently return to work.

Understanding the impact of indoor air quality on employees, an oil and gas company with a crowded head office installed a Pyure controlled solution designed to improve their poor air quality, attributed to fugitive odors from adjacent businesses, including chemical emissions from a print room. Prior to the Pyure installation, employees were reporting a high incidence of stress, illness, and absenteeism.

The Pyure solution was initially installed in the ducts of two of the twelve floors for a 30-day pilot, without the staff’s knowledge. Staff on those two floors reported feeling better and being more alert, and a reduction in absenteeism was noted. Specific Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the two treated floors were reduced more than fivefold in 30 days and undetectable after 60 days, resulting in the Pyure solution being installed on all twelve floors.

“We are thrilled to offer a solution that can make spaces healthier, fresher, and safer for everyone,” begins Mahyar Khosravi, chief strategy officer of Pyure. “We know how important it is for people to connect and collaborate in person. We understand the Return-to-Work movement. And we are excited that our solution can help people do this with confidence.”