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Pure Air Control Services, Inc. announced the launch of their new indoor air quality website. This new website was re-designed with the end user in mind. Pure Air Control Services, Inc. understands that IAQ can be a complex subject, so the goal was to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to find what they are looking for relative to their area of interest or need.

Nearly everything about Pure Air Control Services, Inc. can be found right on the homepage.  Starting with the importance of IAQ and how the company addresses each area through their three specialized divisions: Building Sciences, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory, and Building Remediation Sciences. Viewers can also see the main services provided and are linked to the respective pages for an in-depth look at how these unique services can improve building health, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

The top level navigation is intuitive and easy to follow. Each section is logical and seamlessly takes the visitor on the corporate journey that educates and informs.  The IAQ News section is a rich and archival blog with more than 150 articles on IAQ related topics. Users will be pleased to know that Pure Air Control Services, Inc. has added a search function to IAQ News to make finding specific and related content easier than ever! Another useful feature of this new indoor air quality website is the resource library. Now all collateral, case studies, white papers, and videos are all organized in one convenient location. This material is available for online viewing and sharing, as well as the collateral being available to download in pdf format for offline viewing.

Many of the same components of the previous version of the site remain such as the online portal to retrieve customer IAQ reports, and the Pure Air Control Services, Inc. events calendar.  The company exhibits at many conferences (often times presenting on important topics), conducts online webinars, and hosts education events. All of this can be found on the events calendar color coded for the type of event.

Likely the single biggest improvement on Pure Air Control Services, Inc. indoor air quality website is that it is now mobile friendly. The architecture of the site adapts to the type of device it is being loaded on. This streamlines the load times and makes for a better browsing experience. Certain areas of the site are interactive too, taking advantage of touch response to “slide” over before and after pictures, and active links, etc.

“This is a really neat feature of our new site” says Alan Wozniak, president of Pure Air Control Services, Inc. “to be on your phone and slide over an image to reveal the after results of our proprietary services is pretty amazing.”