top view of audio book concept, blue book cover and headphones over wooden table  T

A new initiative in Singapore is promoting the consumption of literature by bringing audiobooks to public restrooms and public stalls.

The cleverly-named "Looterture Campaign" in an effort to combat the decline in book reading that's occurred in the smartphone era, reports branding in asia. The shift from page turning is made noticeable in the public restroom, as many people have ditched the practice of reading a newspaper or story while going No. 2 in favor of staring at a screen.

Some of the public stalls participating in the campaign have the cover of the book being played inside painted on their exterior. Inside, the audiobook version of the book begins to play through a motion-activated speaker once someone enters the stall. 

Perhaps the neatest feature of the experience is that the story doesn't have to stop for the person using the restroom after they're done going. Each visitor has the option of scanning a code that allows them to download a free 30-day trial of Storytel, an audiobook streaming service involved with the campaign.

According to the report, Looterature can be deployed anywhere, like at the stalls at festivals and outdoor events, as well as the restrooms in shopping malls, stadiums and exhibition halls.