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Flu season is officially in full swing and germs are already starting to fill workplaces everywhere. To combat infections and limit cross-contamination, it’s important that cleaning protocols be stepped up. The best way to take care of business is to protect the cleaning staff, according to an article on the ManageMen website.

The article offers suggestions about keeping your front line staff healthy. For example:

• Make flu shots easy and accessible to staff. Bring flu shots to the custodial personnel (and all employees) while at work, or make it easy for workers to get their flu shots by providing them with a list of nearby clinics.

• Educate workers on the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Consider providing a short training session on microbiology basics.

• Protect workers with the proper equipment to prevent them from coming into direct contact with airborne viruses or the bacteria resting on the surfaces being cleaned.

• Implement handwashing protocols. When arriving at work, one of the first things custodians should do is wash their hands to remove any dirt or bacteria they may have carried in with them.

• Reduce cross-contamination with standardized cleaning processes. Many cleaning programs lack standardization and leave the door open to issues like cross-contamination and missed surfaces.

• Increase fomite cleaning frequencies in custodial areas, including custodial closets, break rooms and lockers.

• Encourage sick workers to stay home. Sick workers can spread viruses and bacteria throughout the building.

For even more suggestions, read the full article here.