Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division introduced four new concrete care programs that provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow procedures and product recommendations for polished concrete floors in any condition. Whether a concrete floor is old and worn down or newly installed, Diversey Care’s programs are designed to properly restore, penetrate, seal, remediate and protect against stains, scratches and normal everyday wear.

“Polished concrete is a popular flooring choice because it’s low maintenance and strong, but leaving it unprotected leaves it vulnerable to unsightly stains and deterioration,” said Glenn Weaver, Concrete Application Expert, Diversey Care. “Our concrete care solutions not only protect and polish floors, but improve the overall durability and appearance. Each program is meant to fix different types of common concrete issues, and deliver high-quality, lasting results.”

Polished concrete floors are constantly abused by heavy foot traffic and equipment such as shopping cart wheels and machinery, making what was once a glossy floor now matte and dirty. Without a proper program in place, maintaining concrete floors requires expensive and invasive processes such as regrinding. Choosing the right program depends on a floor’s current condition and maintenance care, along with the daily traffic volume and desired appearance. It’s important to choose the right program for different polishing needs.

Diversey Care’s new Polished Concrete Programs include:
• SmartFloor Program
The SmartFloor program partners with Ameripolish, an industry leader in concrete technology. SmartFloor is a progressive and continuous program designed to eliminate floor failure and improve appearance. This system utilizes state-of-the-art polishing, sealer and surfactant technology to strengthen, enhance and protect concrete. This program requires no added labor, saving time and money and is ideal for facilities that perform daily maintenance five times per week.

• Guard Program
The Guard program is similar to the SmartFloor program in protecting and improving the life of a polished concrete floor, but it also uses Concrete Penetrating Stain Resistor. This program is the solution for already polished concrete floors that take on heavy wear-and-tear on a daily basis. It’s designed to extend the time window for cleaning up spills before staining or etching occur and is ideal for facilities that perform daily maintenance 3-4 times per week.

• Decorative Guard Program
The Decorative Guard Program uses chemicals that can be used on decorative concrete. Designed to improve a beautifully designed concrete floor and maintain its high quality, this program will protect flooring from the wear of daily elements and keep decorative facility floors looking as vibrant as the day they were installed.

• JonCrete® Topical Coating Program
The JonCrete® program is the only topical coating program that provides a complete concrete care solution with superior durability, gloss and adhesion. JonCrete® offers products to properly strip, restore, seal and clean both decorative and polished concrete floors. This simple program can help extend the life of concrete floors and limit maintenance requirements.