Globally Green Energy Consortium (GGEC), a green energy and sustainability non-profit organization, launched a major green neighborhood initiative called Greening & Cleaning America. The goal of this initiative is to provide funding for green and sustainability programs to communities, schools, colleges, towns and cities throughout the U.S. that are otherwise unable to fund projects due to limited resources or budget constraints.

“GGEC will dedicate 100% of its annual surplus for the next ten years to help the nation’s communities become green and sustainable,” states Zacharie Mondel, GGEC Chief Executive Officer.

The Greening and Cleaning program is open to communities of any size, school boards, colleges, healthcare facilities, government subsidized housing facilities, community centers, public libraries, and assisted living facilities. Included in the program offering are:
• Energy Efficient Lighting and Heat/AC Systems
• Automated Energy Management Systems
• Conversion of Transportation Vehicles to Bio-Fuel and Bio-Gas
• Solar Solutions
• Co–Generation Systems
• Water Conservation Solutions
• Energy Efficient Waste Management
• Clean Air Quality Technologies
• Geo-Thermal Heating Systems
• Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions
• Solid Waste Reduction Programs
• Environmental Management Education and Programs

“A goal of Greening and Cleaning America, is to show what Americans can accomplish when they unite for the common good of the environment and are committed to reducing greenhouse gases,” states Ambassador Siddique, Vice Chairman of the GGEC Board of Directors.

”We are counting on corporate America and all Americans to contribute to the success of this program,” said Mr. Mondel. “GGEC will match donations to this program dollar for dollar.”

To apply or participate in this program please e-mail The organization’s Web site can be found at