Doug Berjer with CFR, manufacturers of recycling carpet extractors, and Mike Walker, a jan/san distributor in St. Louis, MO, dropped by one of the city’s long-term living centers just to say hello to the facility manager. It turns out that the manager was about to submit his 2014 janitorial equipment budget, and CFR was nowhere on the list.

Berjer and Walker asked if the manager could just wait a day, allowing them to demo CFR’s Cascade 20 carpet extractor. He agreed...but only if it could be done 8:30 Saturday morning.

“We were there bright and early and just started cleaning the [building’s] carpets, restroom floors, and upholstery,” says Berjer. “The manager said he was ‘astounded’ at how well everything looked after cleaning.”

Come Monday morning, the manager made a big change to his 2014 budget. This time, “CFR was in the leadoff spot,” says Berjer.