Procter & Gamble announced that the new Employee Resource Center opening today at its Family Care Box Elder Plant has received LEED Silver certification.

“We are pleased to announce this first LEED certified office building for P&G globally,” says Yannis Skoufalos, P&G global product supply officer. “This is the first step on our journey to certify all new P&G sites. We are committed to the sustainable design of our facilities, and earning LEED certification is a great way to ensure that we are applying the best design and construction practices to our buildings.”

P&G announced plans on February 25, 2011 to pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for all new sites. While most of the new Box Elder plant was already up and running, last spring the site began constructing a new employee services building, including work to pursue LEED certification. The certification has ensured rigor in the design and construction process, including waste management programs to recycle/reuse construction materials, improved environmental quality of the building through abundant natural lighting and indoor air quality control.

“P&G is to be commended for achieving LEED Silver on its Employee Resource Center. This facility is one that both its employees and the larger community can be proud of,” said President, CEO, & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi. “P&G’s Employee Resource Center will be a showcase for high-performance, energy-efficient, healthy plant facilities, and an inspiration for others.”

All new P&G sites that are currently in design phase or early construction are working toward achieving LEED certification. This effort advances P&G’s environmental sustainability program, which is focused on reducing the environmental footprint of its products and operations. This supports P&G’s long-term environmental vision, announced in September 2010, which includes powering all plants with renewable energy and having zero manufacturing waste going to landfill.