Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) supports IEHA's Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) program by taking before and after measurements of ATP and allergen levels in K-12 schools deploying a PC4HS program.

"We sincerely believe taking outcome measurements before and after cleaning will show tangible improvements in schools implementing Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) and that these ICM-related metrics  can ultimately be associated with health improvements," said Rex Morrison, Founder and President of Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS).  "For this very reason, we are also eagerly awaiting the release of the ISSA-CIRI Clean Standard K-12 as we believe it will help to validate the importance of taking measurements, keeping records, and improving processes."

Cleaning that leads to improvements in student and school health is a key part of the non-profit's mission.

"The presence of  PC4HS in more than 200 schools nationwide in 2012-13 is already showing fiscal savings through attrition and reduction of waste," said Morrison.  "We trust that - most importantly - improvements to school health will be a direct byproduct of removing more building contaminants."

According to Morrison, measurements using Hygiena ATP meters and InBio allergen assays, is helping to quantify and qualify improvements in  cleaning.