Building on the buying group's Baseline Selling program, Pro-Link is now rolling out a Sale Leadership Training program. The first of the 2-day intensive training courses was recently held in Atlanta for 14 of Pro-Link’s member companies. The course covers key sales management topics such as sales coaching, sales accountability, sales motivation and sales leadership best practices. For hands on learning during the course, participants made live calls to their sales people to practice the elements of the course and then they were critiqued on their effectiveness.
The distributors taking part in the Sales Leadership Training program will also be participating in a 12-week webinar series for their sales manager and a sales rep. These webinars will be hosted by Kurlan Associates, the professional sales training company contracted by Pro-Link. The series of webinars will break down the Baseline Selling process into manageable pieces to ensure a successful implementation for each distributor.
“With sales being such a crucial function for distributors, it only made sense for Pro-Link to invest in a professionally developed and effective sales leadership program”, says Paul Lemieux, Pro-Link’s CEO. “With the Baseline Selling program and now the Sales Leadership program in place, we are really trying to offer our distributors top-notch support for their sales efforts.”