The weather is starting to or will improve soon, and, now that there won’t be so much dirt and debris getting tracked in from the outside, it makes sense to do some deep cleaning in facilities. That’s what spring cleaning has always been about, right?
To tackle spring cleaning in commercial facilities, facility management services providers, ABM, recommends looking down to the floor. You know you need to regularly clean the floors, but you may not realize how important deep “Spring Cleaning” can be for your business.
There are many ways that clean floors impact your employees, customers and vendors. Here are three of them:
1. Accident Prevention: While your floors are getting their Spring cleaning, you may find areas that need maintenance or repair, such as tiles that are lifting, torn or rippled carpets, or broken pieces that could come out. All of these pose safety risks that should be addressed…and could go unnoticed without the extra attention paid during a deep Spring cleaning.
2. Extend Floor Life: Deep cleaning, restoration and/or sealing floors each Spring will extend floor life and thereby potentially save money in the long run.
3. Improve Your Image: We’ve all seen the difference between a clean floor and a restored floor. Wow, right? Have you ever thought about what messages your floors give? Clean floors go a long way in improving the aesthetic of your space.
Let’s not forget that clean floors enhance the overall health of your business by improving employee productivity, saving money, and improving your overall image to visitors. This is why, when you turn your thoughts to Spring cleaning your space, you need to remember to look down at your floors.