Group of children wearing face masks going back to school

The American Association of School Administrators estimates that it will cost about $1.8 million to re-open the average school district in America this year. For many school districts, that's money they might not have.

Kentucky Department of Education Associate Commissioner Robin Kinney says the high figure the association quotes includes services that aren't traditionally offered in the Bluegrass State, reports WKYT. Such services include a nurse in every school and resources to monitor every school bus.

The costs are already adding up to prepare schools to open in Kentucky's Scott County. The superintendent for the county, Dr. Kevin Hub, says $50,000 is being spent to replace water fountains with water bottle fillers. Another $40,000 is being spent on no-touch cleaning equipment. Finally, another $25,000 is being spent on the point and shoot thermometers so that temperature checks can be conducted.