Employee Appreciation Day concept. First Friday in March. Holiday concept. Template for background, banner, card, poster with text inscription. Vector EPS10 illustration

In the United States, National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in March. The purpose of the special day, which this year falls on March 5, is to celebrate the workers in all industries who contribute so much to their place of employment.

National Employee Appreciation Day is a positive for employees, but the businesses and organizations that acknowledge the day helps themselves out, too, according to National Calendar Day. By celebrating the day, businesses and organizations show their staff that they are valued, which is a boost to morale and job satisfaction. 

There are several things businesses and organizations can do to make their workers feel special and valued everyday, not just on National Employee Appreciation Day. National Calendar Day suggest doing one or several of the following:

- Provide workers with flexibility.

- Handwrite a "Thank You" note to a worker or workers after a job well done. The act means more because it shows more effort than saying "good job" or writing a quick email.

- When an entire department or the whole business does well, celebrate the achievement with something like a pizza party or allow them to leave just a little bit earlier during a shift, provided that can be done.

- Encourage employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Employers hoping to celebrate on March 5 can also do so by using #EmployeeAppreciationDay on social media.