Powr-Flite announces it has hired Mike Englund as the company's new products manager.

Englund has more than 30 years' experience in the professional cleaning industry and prior to joining Powr-Flite has worked with some of the biggest players in the market, including Advance, Minuteman, and Windsor.

According to Englund, he was interested in working at Powr-Flite because of three key reasons:
• The company is open to new ideas for innovation based on customer needs
• It is flexible, fast, and nimble in responding to customer needs
• The company has an across the board, open door policy from the CEO to all team players.

"We found Mike's insight into the industry to be invaluable," says Gary Pelphrey, Marketing Director of Powr-Flite. "He has real-world experience; he knows where the industry is going and is helping us make the changes we
need to make to stay at the forefront."