PortionPac Announces New National Sales Manager

PortionPac Chemical Corporation today announced that it has named Natasha Stiles as the new PortionPac brand national sales manager. Natasha began her career with PortionPac Chemical Corporation in 2008 as regional manager with a full range of responsibilities such as teaching customers how to be more efficient and effective in their cleaning process.

Natasha will be working closely with the current national sales manager, Jerry Goldman. Jerry is transitioning into the newly developed role of PortionPac brand relationship manager. An integral part of the team that chose Natasha for this position, Jerry will be mentoring her until his full retirement, “When I decided to transition into retirement, I could not leave PortionPac without knowing that our customers were in good hands. Natasha was my first choice to take on this role. Her extensive PortionPac experience and customer focused commitment make her the ideal person to build existing and new customer relationships.”

Jerry Goldman has been in the sanitary supply industry for over 37 years, 21 of which were spent with PortionPac. Burt Klein, president of PortionPac Chemical Corporation said, “Jerry has built strong, long term relationships with our customers and they rely on him to help them be successful. We are fortunate to have this opportunity for Jerry to continue to transfer his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of PortionPac leadership. Jerry is one of the most knowledgeable general cleaning product and floor care experts in this field. In addition to his many accomplishments with our customers, he has helped drive our product development, was integral to the team that built the PortionPac brand Set Cost Cleaning System in the ‘90s and many of the educational materials he helped create are still in use today.”