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Brad Buchner, sales manager for PorterPlus, the multi-family division of CleanOffice, recently earned his RBSM Certification from BSCAI, according to a press release from CleanOffice.

RBSM (Registered Building Services Manager) is part of BSCAI's educational curriculum and is considered to be the most prestigious symbol of excellence in building service contract management.

Buchner joins Heather Green, vice president of Client Services and Rene Brunal, vice president of operations, to become the third member of the CleanOffice - PorterPlus organization to earn this certification.

The RBSM curriculum focuses on all aspects of the commercial cleaning industry and includes four exams on the following subjects:

Part 1: Hard floors, metal surfaces, carpets and fabric cleaning

Part 2: Chemical chemistry, restroom cleaning, general technology, safety and green cleaning

Part 3: Security, insurance, legal, unions, quality control, communications, customer relations and basic math

Part 4: Personnel management and general management

The four exam sessions are completed in a two week period of time and require a score of 70 percent or higher on each of the modules. Buchner earned a cumulative score of 94 percent.

According to Buchner, a business major with a degree in finance, the program really challenged him increase his operational knowledge and learn the basics of all facets of the cleaning profession.