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Jose Alicea — a plant manager at Poinciana High School and part of the School District of Osceola County in Kissimmee, Florida — has been selected as a finalist for the National Rock Star Custodian Award by the Academy of Cleaning Excellence. 

“Jose greets everyone with a positive attitude. He helps anywhere and anyone that he can, even if he has a million things to do, he makes sure it gets done with a smile. He has been my shining spot on a gloomy day many times,” says Nikita Johnson, who nominated Alicea.

Jose always communicates with everyone from Administration to his team with a good morning and a smile, including the students.

He makes sure his team is prepared and have what they need. Jose will come in to make sure events are taken care of on weekends. Then clean up so that students come into a clean and ready campus Monday morning.

“In the 3 years working with Jose, I have recognized that he is self aware and communicates with teachers regarding even the slightest details on Work Orders,” writes Johnson.

To say determined is an understatement. He is never sitting down, he is always fixing, cleaning or helping with deliveries. If he has team members out, he stays to help his team so that nothing is undone.

“He is one of the most honest and trustworthy person that I have met in any job that I have held. To say that he takes pride in his words and actions is an understatement,” writes Johnson.

Jose does what needs to be done in the most efficient way possible. From ordering his supplies in the most cost effective ways, to helping with the cafeteria.

“He allows his team to gain experience that they need in order to further their own careers. His caring nature for his co-workers, myself included, will always be one of my best experiences working at this high school,” says Johnson.

From participating in birthday gatherings to making sure everyone has had lunch shows the caring and beautiful heart that this man has. To say that he will be missed when he decides to retire (which we hope is many years in the future) is an understatement.

The Rock Star series breaks down the word, Custodian, outlining the nine personality traits the Academy is looking for in the nominees. Tens of thousands of custodians across the nation have experienced the Rock Star program this year. 

Voting for Jose Alicea is open through Dec. 31, 2022, with the award for Rock Star Custodian of 2022, coming in Feb. 2023.

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