Friendly company ceo welcoming female employee. introducing hired worker in multiracial office. getting acquainted supporting new team member on first work day.

Bringing on a new hire can be an exciting time for a business. Those first few months with the new hire is also a period of significant importance, as it can help determine if the worker will stick around for a while.

To help retain employees, and consequently avoid the time and massive expense of going through another search to fill the position, Business Insider (via Inc.) provided four steps businesses should take within the first 90 days of an employee's first 90 days in office.

Here's a brief summary:

1. Allow the new hire to shadow quality employees so that they can learn about the position and company.

2. Find out what the new hire's values are and figure out how they fit with the company's vision.

3. Give employees opportunities to show their value.

4. Schedule a review of the new hire's performance in advance of the first 90 days ending.