A wide spectrum of colors boarding the words 'thank you'

Never has the importance of the work cleaning professionals due every day and night been more evident than it is right now. Janitors, custodians, housekeepers and other industry professionals are not just cleaning to keep facilities looking good, they're cleaning to keep people alive during a global pandemic. In celebration of these important men and women, BSCAI and Karcher will hold "Thank Your Cleaner" day later this month.

"Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our cleaners have worked hard to create clean environments to ensure health and well-being of everyone in our communities and cities nationwide," says BSCAI in an email. "That's why this October 21st, BSCAI, in partnership with Karcher, a leading global cleaning equipment & technology company, is celebrating Thank Your Cleaner Day (TYCD).

BSCAI has included on its website a page dedicated to the special day that includes tips on how people can thank cleaners. The page, which can be viewed here, also includes a number of downloadable resources that people can use to celebrate the day.