JanSan marketing veteran Ginny Petru announces the launch of JanSanOptimize.com, a provider of online and offline marketing services to the janitorial and maintenance supply industry. JanSanOptimize.com, a division of Petru & Associates, Ltd., provides professional services to promote manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing in this industry,” notes Petru. “As an example, in a recent audit of JanSan distributors we found more than 50 percent were already landing on page one of a Google search, but their websites were primitive in appearance and content.  So why would we suggest more search engine optimization if they are already on page one, but losing leads based on the look and feel of their website?”

Inbound and outbound marketing tactics include SEO websites, e-newsletters, SEO press releases, social media, graphic design, blogs, SEO mini-videos, and public relations activities.

“The internet is a significant component of any marketing program, yet we’ve found many JanSan businesses are at one end or another of internet usage … they are either missing a full internet presence or relying completely on the internet and neglecting other high impact marketing tools,” notes Petru. “We find that inconsistent marketing is usually due to constraints in budget, lack of time, or employees who are not skilled in using today’s promotional tools. JanSanOptimize.com addresses those constraints and delivers everything from one-time ‘a la carte’ services to customized, fully integrated marketing programs.  We move beyond just getting our clients found in search engines. We provide the resources to connect, cultivate, and convert leads into customers.”