Pest Problem's Solution Starts With Thorough Cleaning

The mouse problem at Robert Hunter Elementary School in Flemington, N.J., is being addressed by cleaning and sanitizing the school, according to an article on the website.

According to the school district report, Alliance Pest Control, Aramark Cleaning Services and the school are working together to eliminate the mouse activity.

Access to building from the outside has been reduced by adding screens to vents and door sweeps on exterior doors, according to the report.

The report said the school has also taken steps to trap and remove mice, eliminate food and water sources.

The report's recommendations included:
• Organizing the art supply, kindergarten and storage rooms and replacing shelving with wire units
• Blocking off places where mice can get in and sealing any supplies that could be used as food or bedding
• Keeping food and snacks in covered containers. Birdseed for feeders also should be kept in covered containers.
• Removing feeders from school grounds at the end of the school year

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