Award recognition

PathoSans awarded Alliance Française de Chicago with its In Good Company Award for its work to create a safer and more sustainable world.

“The In Good Company award recognizes organizations that demonstrate dedication to ‘Make Good’ on corporate social responsibility initiatives,” says Ken Campbell, director of Sales, PathoSans. “It takes leadership and innovation to make good on sustainability promises to stakeholders, and we applaud Alliance Française de Chicago for its adherence to safety and helping to create a more sustainable, healthier world.” 

Alliance Française de Chicago is a French language school and cultural center in Chicago. The school implemented sustainable cleaning measures that eliminate harmful chemicals that people are often exposed to through cleaning products with toxic ingredients. It is being honored for its efforts to increase transparency, improve safety and limit its impact on the environment. 

“Alliance Française de Chicago has made great strides in protecting students, faculty and staff through safe and sustainable cleaning practices, while communicating these practices with stakeholders,” adds Campbell. “We’re thrilled to honor them for their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.”