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Kimberly-Clark Professional and GOJO Industries announced that the two companies are partnering to offer a premium Smart Restroom management system in away-from-home environments such as office buildings, airports, and universities. This industry-first partnership offers facility managers two brands – SCOTT Towel and Bath Tissue and PURELL Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizers – as part of the Kimberly-Clark Professional ONVATION Smart Restroom management system.

Through this collaboration, the Kimberly-Clark Professional smart restroom management system, ONVATION, will now feature the SCOTT and PURELL products. This strategic partnership integrates two brands with smart-sensing technology to provide a single interface, allowing for proactive monitoring of restroom conditions to reduce customer complaints and increase tenant satisfaction.

“Restrooms are consistently one of the top three areas of tenant complaints for facility managers, and they need real-time data and alerts to help them efficiently and effectively manage the restrooms for their customers,” states Richard Thorne, president of Kimberly-Clark Professional, North America. “Our partnership with GOJO is a great win for our customers, and elevates the restroom experience with the brands we know tenants prefer.”

The ONVATION Smart Restroom management system leverages smart-sensing technology in both SCOTT and PURELL dispensers to monitor and analyze restroom conditions in real time to deliver powerful, actionable insights so maintenance teams can increase tenant satisfaction, reduce work orders, and have more control over building management. The ONVATION platform is designed to integrate an entire ecosystem of technology to help facility managers work more efficiently.

“This type of smart restroom solution – the integration of two trusted brands in paper and hand hygiene – is what our customers are requesting,” said Steve Schultz, president and COO, GOJO North American and International. “GOJO is always looking ahead and asking ourselves ‘how might we,’ and we are pleased to partner with Kimberly-Clark to bring our customers the technology and innovation they need to make their jobs easier.”

ONVATION delivers real-time data and alerts to facility managers to help them identify and fix restroom problems proactively before they receive a complaint. ONVATION offers:
 • Enhanced customer satisfaction by reducing restroom-related complaints;
 • Reduced waste and increased sustainability;
 • Optimized labor to focus on value-adding tasks; and
 • Decreased costs and expenses.