Parents Protest Cuts To School Custodial Program

Parents of Battlefield Primary School children protested proposed cuts to the school’s janitorial services.

The  Glasgow, Scotland, school is expected to get a change of janitorial services when 30 “operational clusters” are implemented, ending the system of one janitor per school.

The proposal will see the loss of 33 jobs from the 219 janitors employed in schools across Glasgow, according to an article on the Evening Times website.

“From the little information that has been provided, our main concerns regarding the practicalities of the reforms are that the health, safety, security and well being of our children, as well as the wider school community, may be compromised without a dedicated janitor,” Caroline Arshad, co-chair of Battlefield Parent Council, said in the article.

Under new plans, janitors would be given the new job title of “facilities assistants” and there would be 30 promoted posts of “facilities coordinators”.

“We need one janitor, one school to ensure the health and safety of our children. Janitors are a consistent and crucial member of the school staff - recognizing people who shouldn’t be in the school, dealing with security and fire alarms and ensuring the school is free from hazards of all kinds,” Christine Meek, who has children at Battlefield Primary, said.

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