Rubber stamping that says 'Warranty'.

Pacific Floorcare, a Michigan based manufacturer of premium-specification commercial cleaning equipment is pleased to announce a key enhancement to their Orbital Scrubber warranty. After over 5 years of proven performance in the market, the warranty on the scrub deck isolators has been extended to 5-years or 5,000-hours.

In 2013, Pacific Floorcare was the first company to offer a warranty on scrub deck isolators with their multi-functional, Purpose Built 11 gallon S-20 Orbital scrubber. The 22 gallon S-28 Orbital scrubber entered the market with isolator warranty when it was launched in 2015.

Now, with thousands of hours of field test data to back the performance specifications, Dave Nelson, president of Pacific Floorcare said, “Our orbital scrubbers were designed to withstand multiple full-speed impacts without reduced performance. The have proven to be extremely reliably in both daily cleaning as well as the intensive project work of finish maintenance. We’re so confident in our patented technology, extending the warranty was an easy decision”

Improving the warranty demonstrates the confidence that Pacific has in their equipment, and their innovative engineering. They are committed to providing high value machines to their customers, with a very low cost of ownership.