Ben Heimann, vice president of technical services for PLZ Aeroscience, has been appointed to the board of the Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB).
The WAIB is a regional association of companies involved with the production or marketing of aerosol products.The 12-member board represents all segments of the aerosol products industry, including fillers, marketers, component and chemical suppliers.

Heimann joined Plaze, a member company of PLZ Aeroscience, in 2000. His responsibilities include product development, quality, packaging and batching. In addition to his new appointment to the WAIB board, he is also a board member of the Midwest Aerosol Association.
“One of the primary goals of the WAIB is to provide information to the public so they can make objective decisions about aerosol products,” Heimann says. “I look forward to working with other board members to promote a better understanding of aerosols and the regulations governing their use.  I am committed to finding innovative solutions to challenges that do more than just sustain the industry, but also help it prosper."