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Nice-Pak, a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of wet wipes, and sister company, PDI, the global leader in infection prevention products and service solutions, announced today they have taken the Resilient Response pledge to exemplify a more thoughtful and effective approach to disaster-recovery giving. The partnership with Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, represents a commitment to be proactive, needs-based, transparent, and education-focused in their community support.

Resilient Response is a key component of Good360’s best practices in disaster recovery. By taking the pledge, Nice-Pak and PDI reinforce their long-term commitment to donate wipes based on a quarterly needs assessment, which enables Good360 to be better prepared and pre-position the product with their extensive network of non-profits. With products already on-site at regional distribution hubs, Nice-Pak and PDI wipes will be available for quick deployment to areas of need.

The pledge marks over $5 million in the fair market value of Nice-Pak and PDI wipes donated to Good360. To date, the product donations from both organizations have been distributed to more than 600 non-profits in North America and Eastern Europe and are estimated to have positively impacted nearly 200,000 lives. Wipes are often one of the most requested items in disaster relief and humanitarian crises for cleanup and to mitigate the hygiene insecurity experienced by survivors and refugees.

“Because Good360 helps organizations respond to a diverse set of challenging life circumstances, we rely on socially responsible companies like Nice-Pak and PDI to help us respond to the resulting needs,” says Jim Alvey, vice president of Disaster Recovery and Philanthropy at Good360. “Whether responding to natural disasters or global crises like the one happening in Ukraine, wipes provide an added sense of health, dignity, and safety for those impacted by tragedies of all kinds—especially when access to clean water is in short supply. Together, we’re building resilience in communities throughout the country and, at times, around the globe.”

“Wet wipes are the ideal solution for cleaning and hygiene and it’s important to educate communities about how they help our world stay healthy and well, especially in times of crisis,” says Robert Julius, CEO, Nice-Pak. “Our Good360 donations are a real-life example of the critical role wipes play in ensuring personal wellness, and we are pleased to formalize our partnership through the Resilient Response pledge.”

By taking the Resilient Response pledge, Nice-Pak and PDI are joining more than 65 like-minded Good360 partner organizations that are committed to providing the right goods to the right people at the right time, through all stages of recovery. Good360 partners with some of the world’s largest corporations to source essential goods and distribute them through a network of more than 100,000 diverse non-profits, to effectively support people in need.

“Good360 aligns perfectly with our social and environmental impact plans to engage and educate communities globally and is driven by a higher purpose to help build a healthier, more sustainable future for all,” says Zachary Julius, CEO, PDI. “Meaningful giving has always been part of our DNA, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our products help in times of need.”