A water droplet shaped lake in the middle of untouched nature. An ecological metaphor for nature's ability to hold and purify water. 3d rendering.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, one of the nation’s greenest and fastest-growing carpet cleaning franchises that aims to open 60 new locations in 2022, has donated over $192,000 to the non-profit Water.org since 2015. The company’s contributions have helped more than 22,000 people get long-term access to safe water and sanitation solutions. Long-term access like this is key to helping families find the path to greater economic opportunity, education, and improved health.

“We are a part of a global community that we want to make a difference in,” says Oxi Fresh founder and CEO Jonathan Barnett. “We are proud of our contributions to such an important and worthwhile cause and are eager to continue making a difference in people's lives.”

Water.org is changing lives with every dollar donated. Through partnerships with in-country financial institutions, the organization connects people in need with small, affordable loans to get access to safe water at home. Water.org doesn’t merely give out water—they empower local people and communities so that they can have sustainable, long-term solutions.

“They’re a revolutionary organization,” says Mr. Barnett. “We’re amazed by what they’ve been able to accomplish.”

Oxi Fresh donates to Water.org with every appointment that customers schedule through the brand’s Online Scheduler. The proceeds go towards Water.org’s efforts to help families in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Water and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Even before they began working with Water.org, water was important to Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Through their low-moisture cleaning process, they’ve helped conserve tens of millions of gallons of water when compared to old-fashioned steam cleaning methods. The Oxi Fresh process requires only two gallons of water to clean a home instead of the 40-60 gallons required by many steam cleaners.

“One of our goals at Oxi Fresh is to provide our clients with a world-class cleaning experience backed up by eco-friendly methods and convenience,” says Mr. Barnett, “Many people expect their carpets to take forever to dry, but our water-conserving system dries quickly and greatly reduces water usage—it’s the perfect combo.”