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While many facilities state their intention to implement sustainability measures, part of the struggle with getting those projects off the ground is proving the benefits of doing so. While protocols that to lead energy savings can have a tangible bottom-line benefit, there are many intangible benefits to successful sustainability plans as well. To help facilities define the positives of sustainability, green cleaning industry expert Steve Ashkin outlined several other benefits of going green that may be overlooked.

Improved Employee Retention: More often than ever, employees have a vested interest in what their company stands for. If business are actively making efforts to help the community and those in it, they will wear their occupation with a badge of honor. Sustainability efforts fall into this category, as it sends a message that providing a healthy environment is a priority. 

Innovation Boost: By crafting methods for reducing carbon emissions, disposing or waste and recusing responsibly, or adopting user-friendly cleaning chemicals, it requires employees and managers to think outside the box. This type of critical thinking can give companies an edge when crafting ideas or carving our new markets to pursue. 

Protecting the Brand: If a company is successfully implementing sustainable practices, it decreases the chances of receiving regulatory fines or other legal issues pertaining to irresponsible facility management. Facilities that partake in wasteful practices set themselves up for citations — and the repetitional hits that come with them. 

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